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About Classes

All classes are live - online students will receive a Zoom link before classes start.

3D Animation

Options: In-person or online

All students will receive a one-year license to use the Maya software at home as part of their registration.​​

Beginning 3D Modeling and Animation:

  • create models, scenes, special effects, and characters 

  • study different texturing techniques and lighting fundamentals 

  • make basic models for 3D printing



Intermediate/Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation:

  • learn all forms of animation for characters, cameras, and special effects like fire and water

  • create a well-engineered model fit for 3D printing and prototype creation

  • create their own movie and lean the basics of video editing

beginning 3D.PNG

Drawing and Painting

Options: In-person or online

  • pencil drawing

  • watercolor

  • pen cross-hatch

  • pointillism


All materials provided. If your student is taking the class online, art kits like those used in-person are available for purchase.



Options: In-person

Beginning robotics teaches engineering and robotics to youth through interactive projects and competitions. Its mission is to help students solve engineering problems while having fun and working as part of a team.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

​Options: In-person

  • learn to communicate effectively using graphics and images

  • learn to use Illustrator and Photoshop

  • illustrate, design ads, edit photos, use text in new interesting ways, and so much more

Creative Writing

Options: In-person or online

Using games and writing activities, we will explore different genres including short stories, poetry, song lyrics, and many more. 

Five Paragraph Essay:

  • learn to properly and efficiently write a five paragraph essay


This class will be challenging, and students will be expected to complete work outside of class.

Research Paper:

  • complete a 10-15 page research paper on a topic of your choice

  • MLA format 

  • practice effective researching


This class is geared towards older middle school and high school students as well as adults. Students will be expected to complete work outside of class.

Programming Console


Options: Online


Give your child the gift of creativity and logic with our Scratch course for ages 6-11! Our fun and interactive curriculum teaches programming concepts through simple animations, stories, and games. 


Learn Python programming with our fun, interactive course! Perfect for ages 9-18, our course emphasizes building exciting projects and games while teaching essential programming concepts. No prior programming experience required.


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