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Your chef will gain an array of skills to build their confidence in the kitchen. Parents can learn right along with their child as we explore culinary traditions from around the world. Each class is accompanied by a short lesson on the country or region that the food originated from, sparking the curiosity of your chef. Classes will start off with very basic skills, learning how to properly and safely cut produce and measure ingredients. As the year progresses and your student gains confidence in the kitchen, the recipes will become more complex. We use our math skills to double and triple recipes, as well as cut them in half. Your child will gain the confidence to try new recipes on their own outside of the classroom.

Cooking Class

Current Classes

Around the World in 32 Meals - Junior

  • online only

  • classes are live - students will receive a Zoom link

  • Parent/Child class - one tuition pays for both parent and child. It is expected to have a parent in the kitchen to help.

  • Click the document to download the recipe schedule (recipes and ingredient lists will be sent out the week before classes start)

Around the World in 32 Meals - Senior

  • Similar to the Junior class, but with more complex recipes

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