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Course Materials Recommendations

For in-person classes, all materials are provided.

For online classes, see list of materials you'll need.

Robotics and Graphic Design are currently in-person only classes.

3D Animation 

In-person and online students will all receive a license to use the Maya software as part of their registration.

Online students will also need:

  • good internet connection

  • laptop or computer with at least eight gigs of RAM

  • dual processors are recommended, but for beginning students their computers don't need to be excessively fast

  • Zoom

Drawing and Painting

Online students will need:

  • Zoom

  • soft pencils (number five or six)

  • smear sticks

  • kneaded eraser

  • ruler

  • art pad with quality paper that can also be used as watercolor paper

  • set of watercolors with one wide brush and one thin brush

Creative Writing

Online students will need:

  • good internet connection

  • Zoom

  • lined paper

  • pencils and pens

  • a computer with word processing software is recommended

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