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Course Materials Recommendations

3D Animation

All students will receive a license to use the Maya software as part of their registration.

Online students will also need:

  • good internet connection

  • laptop or computer with at least eight gigs of RAM

  • dual processors are recommended, but for beginning students their computers don't need to be excessively fast

  • Zoom


Art supplies are NOT included in the price of the class. Listed below are the supplies needed and the recommended links to buy them. Art kits are also available for purchase in the Paper Plane studio for in-person students.

All drawing students will need:

Painting students will additionally need:


Online students will need:

  • lined paper

  • pencils and pens

  • a computer with word processing software is recommended

  • Zoom


Online students will need:

  • laptop or computer (Chromebook is sufficient, keyboard is highly recommended)

  • Text editor

  • Online resources and exercises 

  • Zoom

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