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I teach a free introductory 3D class every month. Come see what 3D is like!

Select which class you'd like to register for. You can join in-person or online. You will get access to a 30-day free trial of the Maya 3D software to use along with me.

3D Animation Classes

All students will receive a one-year license to use the Maya software at home as part of their registration.

All 3D Classes are offered either in-person or online. Students will choose at registration. All classes are live - online students will receive a Zoom link before classes start.

3D Classes are categorized as a homeschool or after school class, with each category having its own syllabus. Homeschool classes take place during regular school hours and are billed upfront for the entire school year. After school classes take place in the afternoon or evening and are billed a monthly fee, allowing more freedom to join or leave at any time during the school year. Students are welcome to join any class they want, but billing will remain how it's set up for the class they choose.


Class Descriptions:

Beginning 3D Modeling and Animation:

We live in a world where 3D design is becoming a common-place part of many fields. In this course, students will use Maya 3D (Arguably the best software package in the world) to create models, scenes, special effects, and characters. They will study different texturing techniques and lighting fundamentals for creating detail and realism.


Going far beyond art, students will use math, geometry, and even simple coding to build and animate their creations. They'll also be instructed in the basics of making models which are structurally engineered for 3D printing, and they'll have the chance to print out their own model during the year.



Intermediate/Advanced 3D Modeling and Animation:

In intermediate 3D, students will continue building their modeling skills, but the focus will shift to all forms of animation, for characters, cameras, and special effects like fire and water.


As a student's skills in modeling increase, we will also be delving further into 3D printing. We will discuss how to create a well-engineered model fit for 3D printing, prototype creation, and working mechanical devices.


Students will also create their own movie and lean the basics of video editing. It's going to be a blast!