Register 2022-23 School Year

It's OK if you sign up late! You can jump right into where the class is, and all fees are prorated!

Class times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST).

*Pricing - see bottom of page to see how registering and billing is charged.

3D Animation Classes


After School

Drawing and Painting Classes

Robotics Classes

Creative Writing Classes

Illustrator and Photoshop Classes


Classes are charged either upfront or monthly. 

Upfront classes show tuition as $400. It costs $50 to register for these classes to hold your spot in the class. The $50 will be charged upon registration and is non-refundable. When classes officially start, the $400 tuition will be charged.

Monthly classes show tuition as $75. It does not cost anything to register for these classes. When classes officially start, $75 will be charged to your card every month.