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Science Foundations I

Using active engagement such as sketchnotes, games, demonstrations, and hands-on activities (yes, even for online students), students will do science in order to figure out science, as they build a foundational knowledge of several living and physical science disciplines.  This class will cover the National Science and Engineering Education (SEEd) standards for middle school, for both six and seventh grade in the same year.  The class is intended for any student wanting to enjoy science, ages 9 and up, as well as those who are specifically taking it to prepare for accredited high school courses in the future.  (Middle School Science 2 will cover SEEd standards for grade 8 and will be added to PaperPlane Learning's offerings in 24/25.)  


Current Classes

Science Foundations I


  • Electric and magnetic fields 

  •  Atoms and molecules

  • Cell Structure

  • Meteorology

  • Food webs and ecosystems

  • Meteorology

  • 7 month course Sep-Apr (no classes held during December)

  • in-person or online

  • all classes are live - online students will receive a Zoom link

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