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Teen Finance and Life

Research shows that financial literacy is key to helping young people manage money effectively so they can become financially stable, but in this class, we also relate the lessons of financial wellness to other facets of life to increase understanding and application.  For example, budgeting is about prioritizing, making goals, and employing self control strategies. Investing is all about risk management and the benefits of avoiding procrastination.  Saving plans teach students that big results come from small, consistent efforts over time.  Comparing loans and other financing is really about making educated decisions based on research and weighing pros and cons (cost benefit analysis).  In this class, when we go over different income sources, we also spend time looking at where teens can find jobs, how to get hired, and workplace skills including the soft skills necessary for success.  Yes, students will leave this class with an understanding of personal finance that will help them achieve financial stability, and so much more.  This class is open to students 12 and up, although 14 and up is a more beneficial age for getting the most out of this content.  


Current Classes

Teen  Finance and Life

  • How to set a budget and live within your means

  • How to build credit

  • Sources of income including entrepreneurship

  • Sources of funding for higher education and startups

  • Personal effectiveness tools

  • Loans

  • Insurance

  • Taxes

  • suitable for ages 12 and up

  • 7 month course Sep-Apr (no classes help during December)

  • in-person and online

  • all classes are live - online students will receive a Zoom link

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